Bret Unplugged Discography

CD #1 - Dirty As Your Laundry
15 original songs - 2002-2003

1. I Got A Sock Play
2. Caribbean Lazy Play
3. Does God Have a Penis Play | Video
4. Come What May Play
5. Hold My Penis Play
6. Down At The Bistro Play
7. Masturbation Play
8. Kittens Play
9. Barnacle Song Play
10.Spank Me Play
11.Yesterdays Tomorrow Play
12.Pub Flies Play
13.Francois Play
14.Peanut Butter & Her Pooch Play
15.Whine With My Cheese Play

CD #2 - Clothing Optional
16 original songs - 2003-2005

1. Sailor Without A Sea Play
2. 3 Miles From The Tiddy Bar Play
3. Useless Piece of Crap Play
4. Spankula Play
5. Size Does Matter Play
6. Amen Eh Mon Play
7. Close Your Legs And Think Of Jesus Play
8. El Chico American Play
9. Fingers Play
10.Lighthouse Blues Play
11.Milk From The Tap Play
12.Pitz Blues Play
13.Skid Marks Play
14.I Got A Bullet With Your Name On It Play
15.Will work for Beer Play
16.Penny For My Thoughts Play

CD #3 - Pair-o-Ds
17 original parody songs - 2002-2007

1. Burning Ring of Fire Play
2. Crack Whore Rosie Play
3. Getting In Your Jeans Play
4. Green Bay Packerville Play
5. I Ate Her Beaver Play | Video
6. Hand Job Play
7. Jack and Jim Beam Play
8. Pimp Daddy Land Play
9. Poop Shoot Boogie Play
10.Puke 'n' Fart Texas Play
11.Tequila Play
12.Shavin Their Coochay Play
13.She's Real Horny Play
14.Jolly Mic Play
15.Wooly Puddy Play
16.Whore With No Name Play
17.Stinky Shoes Play
18.I8er Beaver Play
Parody CD cannot be sold due to copyrights.

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    CD #4 - Ho Ho Ho
    17 original and parody songs - 2005-2014

    1. Deck My Balls Play
    2. Frothy The Cold Beer Play
    3. Deuce In My Stocking Play
    4. 12 Breasts Of Xmas Play
    5. Do You Want Another Beer Play
    6. Santa Is A Fat Man Play
    7. Jingle Balls Play
    8. The Beerfest Is Coming To Town Play
    9. Hot Toddy Play
    10.Here Cums Santa Claus Play
    11.Coconut Milk And Cookies Play
    12.Jiggly Boobs Rock Play
    13.Bretznog Play
    14.Hummer Girl Play
    15.Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Play
    16.Having A Shitty Christmas Play
    17.Christmas Trailmix Play
    18.Was The Nite B4 Xmas Play

    CD #5 - Tenacious B
    Original and bonus parody songs - 2007-2014

    .Surfing the Great Lakes Play
    .This Bottles A Whore Play
    .Hold you're weiner when you pee Play
    .Brand New Shiny Bike Play
    .Country lulabye Play
    .Cell Phone Nudie Girl Play
    .Happy Birthday Old Guy Play
    .Happy Birthday Old Gal Play
    .Morning Song Play

    .Wap-A-Tule Play
    .Guacamole Play
    .Deaf Dumb And Blind Dog Play
    .Oops Play
    .I'm Really Constipated Play
    .Hangover Subside Play | Video

    CD #6 - Brets Island (In Progress)
    Original and bonus parody songs - 2015-2030

    .Small Green Tractor Play


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    No duplication or use of original music and or lyrics without explicit written permission.