Bret Unplugged Order Form
Bret Unplugged Order Form

Full Name:_____________________________________________________     Include 
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Address:_______________________________________________________     Bret's e-mail 
                                                                    route list
City:_______________________ State:_______     Zip:____________     for show updates?
Phone: (_____)_____________  Email:___________________________     [ ] check here

ITEMS / DESCRIPTION                                COST    QTY       TOTAL

Dirty As Your Laundry     - Music CD #1           $7.00   ______   _________
Clothing Optional         - Music CD #2           $7.00   ______   _________
Pair-o-D's                - Parody CD              FREE  (See Autographed MDSE)

------------Autographed MDSE:-------------------
Bret Unplugged Autographed Sock                  $ 7.00   ______   _________
Bret Unplugged Autographed Guitar Pic (played)   $ 7.00   ______   _________
(Parody CD FREE with purchase of BU Pic or Sock) 
I Got A Sock with your name on it Sock T         $10.00	  ______   _________ 
Corrupting Catholics Girls Since 1969            $10.00   ______   _________ 
Bret Unplugged Classic T (BU logo and saying)    $10.00   ______   _________
I drink my milk from the tap baby T  2t/3T only  $ 7.00   ______   _________

     *** Note:  Tshirts are XL only!  Color may vary unless specified ***

 ______Bret Unplugged Ultimate Fan Package______ 
|CD#1, CD#2, T-shirt, FREE Pair-o-d's CD #3     |$20.00   ______   _________

Peanut Butter Pooch 				 $10.00   ______   _________	
Beach Discs Game  				 $10.00   ______   _________
Teke Necklace					 $ 7.00   ______   _________
Peke Necklace (male member necklace)             $10.00   ______   _________
Total      (Shipping/Handling FREE in United States)               _________
(Email for shipping charge price for your location if not in Continential USA)

By signing this document I declare I am above the age of 18 and am aware 
Bret Unplugged CD's contain explicit lyrics and adult content. I have read
and agree to terms below.    

Print and fill out the order form and send check or money order to:

Bret Unplugged
Suite 757 Simonet Ct.
Green Bay, WI 54301

  • CD contains explicit lyrics, adult language, adult theme and sexual references, not intended for children. Listen at your own risk. If the music offends you, just don't buy it and don't listen.
  • Any requests of quantity over 5 CD's, please contact me via email to discuss terms.
  • Allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Bret Unplugged CD's are a novelty CD, sound quality and volume may vary on recordings.
  • All materials included in CD... songs, lyrics, music and cover art are works of Bret Unplugged (C), all rights are reserved. Any use of materials without written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • All purchases are final and will not be refunded. If CD or item is faulty or damaged upon shipment, contact Bret to discuss reshipment. Bret Unplugged is not responsible for damaged you cause to CD. (You break it, you buy it)
  • Shipping outside of the United States (or in some areas of United States) may require additional shipping and handling, please e-mail to make special arrangements.
  • CD prices and/or shipping prices may vary and may change at anytime.
  • Bret Unplugged reserves the right to deny order requests.
  • The Pair-o-D's cd is not for sale, and can ONLY be obtained for FREE