Songs I Play
Song Title Artist          
You shook me all night long AC DC          
At A Medium Pace Adam Sandler          
Hanukkah Adam Sandler          
Lunch Lady Land Adam Sandler          
Piece of Shit Car Adam Sandler          
Because I Got High Afroman          
Mountain Music Alabama          
Horse With No Name America          
If I had a Million Dollars Bare Naked Ladies          
Woman Smarter Barefoot Man          
Happy Boy Beat Farmers          
Piano Man Billy Joel          
Knocking on heavens door Bob Dylan / GNR          
Redemption Song Bob Marley          
Old Time Rock and Roll Bob Segar          
3 Miles From The Titty Bar Bret Unplugged          
Amen Eh Mon Bret Unplugged          
Barnacle Song Bret Unplugged          
Caribbean Lazy Bret Unplugged          
Close your legs and think of Jesus Bret Unplugged          
Come What May Bret Unplugged          
Country Girl Bret Unplugged          
Does God Have a Penis Bret Unplugged          
Down at the Bistro Bret Unplugged          
El Chico American Bret Unplugged          
Fingers Bret Unplugged          
Francois Bret Unplugged          
Happy Birthday Bret Unplugged          
Hold My Penis Bret Unplugged          
Hold Your Weiner When You Pee Bret Unplugged          
I got a bullet with your name on it Bret Unplugged          
I got a Sock with your name on it Bret Unplugged          
Keywest Harp Bret Unplugged          
Kittens Bret Unplugged          
Lighthouse Blues Bret Unplugged          
Masturbation Bret Unplugged          
Milk From The Tap Bret Unplugged          
Molly's Pub Bret Unplugged          
Peanut Butter and Her Pooch Bret Unplugged          
Penny For My Thoughts Bret Unplugged          
Pitz Blues (Howling Jeb) Bret Unplugged          
Pub Flies Bret Unplugged          
Sailor Without a Sea Bret Unplugged          
Size Does Matter Bret Unplugged          
Spank Me Bret Unplugged          
Spankula Bret Unplugged          
Useless Piece of Crap Bret Unplugged          
Whine With My Cheese Bret Unplugged          
Will Work For Beer Bret Unplugged          
Yesterdays Tomorrow Bret Unplugged          
This Bottles A Whore Bret Unplugged          
Skid Marks Bret Unplugged / Pete Niles          
Burning Ring Of Fire Bret Unplugged Parody          
Closer to Me Bret Unplugged Parody          
Crack Whore Rosie Bret Unplugged Parody          
Gettin In Your Jeans Bret Unplugged Parody          
Green Bay Packerville Bret Unplugged Parody          
Green Eyed Girl Bret Unplugged Parody          
Henry My Son (2000) Bret Unplugged Parody          
Hey Blarney Bret Unplugged Parody          
I Ate Her Beaver Bret Unplugged Parody          
Jack and Jim Beam Bret Unplugged Parody          
Jolly Mic Bret Unplugged Parody          
Kwik-E-mart man Bret Unplugged Parody          
Perverted Parodies - Poop shoot boogie Bret Unplugged Parody          
Pimp Daddy Land Bret Unplugged Parody          
Puke and Fart Texas Bret Unplugged Parody          
She's Real Horny Bret Unplugged Parody          
Tequila Bret Unplugged Parody          
Whore with no name Bret Unplugged Parody          
Wooly Puddy (Bush) Bret Unplugged Parody          
Boot Scoot Boogie Brooks and Dunn          
Brand New Man Brooks and Dunn          
Lost and Found Brooks and Dunn          
Neon Moon Brooks and Dunn          
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet BTO          
Southern Cross Crosby, Stills, Nash          
Hot, Wet, Tight, Bald Pussy David Allen Coe          
You Don't Even Call Me By My Name (Darling) David Allen Coe          
American Pie Don Mcclain          
suspicious minds Elvis          
Hand Jive Eric Clapton          
She Don't Use Jelly Flaming Lips          
Turn it On Flaming Lips          
2 Pina Coladas Garth Brooks          
Friends in Low Place Garth Brooks          
Patience GnR          
All By Myself Green Day          
A Nation Once Again Irish Folk          
All for me grog Irish Folk          
Biddy Mulligan Irish Folk          
Big Strong Man Irish Folk          
Bog down in the valley Irish Folk          
Dicey Riley Irish Folk          
Finnigans Wake Irish Folk          
Henry My Son Irish Folk          
Holy Ground Irish Folk          
Jug of Punch Irish Folk          
Merry Ploughboy Irish Folk          
Monto Irish Folk          
Waxies Dargle Irish Folk          
Whiskey In The Jar Irish Folk          
Wild Rover Irish Folk          
Barefoot Children in the Rain Jimmy Buffett          
Barometer Soup Jimmy Buffett          
Boat Drinks Jimmy Buffett          
Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude Jimmy Buffett          
Cheeseburger in paradise Jimmy Buffett          
Coconut Telegraph Jimmy Buffett          
Come Monday Jimmy Buffett          
Cuban Crime Of Passion Jimmy Buffett          
Delaney Talks To Statues Jimmy Buffett          
Fruitcakes Jimmy Buffett          
Great Filling Station Hold up Jimmy Buffett          
Gypsies in the Palace Jimmy Buffett          
Havana Daydreaming Jimmy Buffett          
He went to Paris Jimmy Buffett          
Jolly mon Jimmy Buffett          
Little Egypt Jimmy Buffett          
Lone Palm Jimmy Buffett          
Lovely Cruise Jimmy Buffett          
Man~ana Jimmy Buffett          
Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett          
Miss you so badly Jimmy Buffett          
My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus Jimmy Buffett          
One Lonely Room Jimmy Buffett          
One Particular Harbor Jimmy Buffett          
Pirate Looks at 40 Jimmy Buffett          
Please Come To Boston Jimmy Buffett          
Please Take your drunken 15 year old girlfriend home Jimmy Buffett          
Saxphones Jimmy Buffett          
Six String Music Jimmy Buffett          
Son of a Sailor Jimmy Buffett          
Tampico Trama Jimmy Buffett          
The weather is here, wish you were beautiful Jimmy Buffett          
The wino and I know Jimmy Buffett          
Tin Cup Chalice Jimmy Buffett          
Trying to Reason with a Hurrican Season Jimmy Buffett          
Uncle Johns Band Jimmy Buffett          
Why don't we get drunk and screw Jimmy Buffett          
Thank God I'm a Country Boy John Denver          
Jack and Diane John Mellencamp          
Pink Houses (Ain't That America) John Mellencamp          
American Pie - Dog Have to Die John Valby          
Barnacle Bill The Sailor John Valby          
Marjuanaville John Valby          
Roll your leg over John Valby          
Thank God I'm a Pubic Hair John Valby          
Gang Bang John Valby / Bret          
Ring of Fire Jonny Cash          
The Gambler Kenny Rogers          
Rock and Roll All Night Kiss          
Lightning Crashes Live          
Big Bamboo Mango Mango          
Dreamer Michael Drake          
You Make A Difference In My Life Michael Drake          
Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show Neil Diamond          
Cherry Cherry Neil Diamond          
Cracklin Rosie Neil Diamond          
Forever In Blue Jeans Neil Diamond          
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond          
Sweet Hands of Mine Neil Diamond          
Hey Ya Outkast          
Cheeseburger with Parasites Parody          
Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep Parody          
Free Ballin Parody          
Gropin in the Classroom Parody          
Hemmaroids Parody          
Off the Dope Again Parody          
Plump Parody          
Police Stop My Car Parody          
Jesus Pat McCurty          
Me and Hulio down by the school yard Paul Simon          
Every Rose Has It's Thorn Poison          
Amie Pure Prarie League          
Titties and beer Rodney Carrington          
Send Me On My Way Rusted Root          
Interjections Schoolhouse Rock          
Cecelia Simon and Garfunkel          
Joker, The Steve Miller          
Kelbisa Sausage Tenacious D          
She's a Runaway The Bodeans          
500 miles The Proclaimers          
Happy Jack The Who          
Mama's got a squeeze box The Who          
I'll never smoke weed with Willie again Toby Keith          
Whiskey for my man, beer for my horses Toby Keith          
10 Rounds with Jose Cuervo Tracy Byrd          
Dualing Banjos Unknown          
Grease Lightning Unknown          
Iko Iko Unknown          
Louie louie unknown          
Mustang Sally Unknown          
My Dingaling Unknown          
Pussy Cat Song Unknown          
Some White People Can Dance Unknown          
Spirit in the sky Unknown          
Unicorn Song Unknown          
Brown Eye Girl Van Morissen          
Ice cream man Vanhalen          
Blister in the Sun Violent Fems          
Kiss off Violent fems          
Please Do No Go Violent Fems          
Prove My Love Violent Fems          
Lukenbach Texas Waylon Jennings          
Fell in love with a girl White Stripes          
Hotel Yorba White Stripes          

Last Updated on 2/19/2006
By bmon